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We work with our clients to their product strategy and development solutions in the Software as a Service SaaS market. We teach entrepreneurs and legacy software organizations how to leverage the appropriate architectures and processes for SaaS development.

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Oracle Identity Development Factory

Our Benefits-based approach to configuration and integration of the Oracle Identity Management 11gR2 Products focused on Maximizing product capabilities and outcomes

  • Fixed cost based on benefit (i.e. functionality, delivered connector)
  • Encourages efficient configuration of the Product
  • Rewards efficiency
  • Realizes the benefits of using a product
  • Leverages industry best practices
  • Reduce support complexity

Oracle 11gR2 Identitiy Products

  • Oracle Identity Manager
  • Oracle Access Manager
  • Oracle Adaptive Access Manager
  • Oracle Identity Analytics
  • Oracle Entitlements Server

This approach allows you to deploy a complete Oracle Goverance solution within weeks.